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100 Years of Innovation

Our philosophy of continually reinvesting in our employees, our customers and our capabilities and technologies, reflects in the positive growth of our business and the game-changing innovations our people have made for over a century. Watch the WVhe timeline below which celebrates some of those key innovations and other activities that have had a profound impact on advancing the performance capability and safety of our customers.

   1894—Silk Fiber Manufacturing

   1914—Silk Cartridge Bags

1939-1945—High Performance Textiles

   1941-1945—Cargo Parachutes and Containers

   1948—Hard Shell Helmets

   1960—Aluminized Textiles

   1969—Respiratory Systems

   1969—Helmet Mounted Sights & Display Integration

1970—Precision Polycarbonate Lenses

   1977—Communication Systems

   1980—Ballistic Protection

   1980—Laser Eye Protection

   1985—Chemical and Biological Protective Fabrics

   1999—Vehicle Intercom Systems

2005—Advanced Helmet Vision System

   2006—Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Masks

2008—Advanced Laser Eye Protection

   2011—Integrated Ground Helmet Systems

   2014—Active Noise Reduction

2014—Production and Product Expansion