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HGU-55/P Aircrew Fixed Wing Helmet

As a world-leader in high performance, aircrew helmet protective systems, the Gentex HGU-55/P Light Weight Helmet provides improved peripheral vision for advanced fighter/attack aircraft personnel, enhanced center of gravity and maximum stability.

The HGU-55/P features a leather edge roll covering the soft foam core, specially integrated chin/nape strap, visor bump stops atop the helmet, and an innovative matte clear coat with a rigid composite shell that reduces the helmet weight by approximately four ounces less than our standard fiberglass HGU-55/P - a tremendous advantage in today's high-G environment. Approved by the U.S. Air Force, the unit meets or exceeds all performance requirements of MIL-H-87174, Helmet Flyers, HGU-55/P.


  • Improved peripheral vision for advanced fighter/attache aircraft personnel
  • Leather edge roll covering the soft foam core to specifically integrate chin/nape strap, visor bump stops atop the helmet
  • Rigid composite shell reducing helmet weight by approximately 4oz.
  • Contoured polycarbonate visors
  • H-154A/AIC Communication System (standard)

The Gentex HGU-55/P helmet comes standard with specially contoured polycarbonate visors that interface with the low-profile MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask, or the helmet can be obtained with the High Speed Visor Kit, qualified to 600 KEAS. Another available option is the anti-snag bayonet receivers, which are designed to help reduce the risk of parachute line entanglement during aircraft ejection.

Equipped with an H-154A/AIC communications system which provides lasting durability, high intelligibility, and superior hearing protection, the HGU-55/P headset provides crewmember communication functions when attached via a CX-4708/AIC communication cord to a MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask's modified M-169A/AIC microphone. And, the new Gentex XLiner® completes the helmet, providing 48% more stability than any similar product on the market.

A Combat Edge field-modification bladder kit option is offered by Gentex to integrate the HGU-55/P with the manworn Combat Edge pressure breathing for G system (PBG), which is used to reduce the probability of G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC) during high performance flight. It utilizes a urethane-coated nylon bladder installed between the Thermoplastic Liner (TPL®) or XLiner and the energy-absorbing liner in the rear of the helmet. A PBG feed tube connects the bladder to the unit's quick-disconnect mounted on the exterior shell of the helmet and interfaces with the PBG supply hose and connector from the MBU-20/P Oxygen Mask. The bladder inflates to provide automatic mask tensioning at high G.