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Electret Element - N100443-00

Electret elements- Uni-Directional

Designed to provide maximum sensitivity at the front port and minimal at the rear port, the quality Gentex electret microphone element maintains its frequency response when used at a distance from 3/4" to 1" from sound source. Typically utilized in a headset boom microphones for office and call center environments, the cardiod pattern of this special unit eliminates "keyboard clatter" and other office-related noises.

Select by frequency response or by sensitivity parameters. 


  • Uni-directional Electret Microphone Element with integral FET
  • Flat Frequency response across speech band
  • Low Distortion
  • EMI and RFI protected
  • Weatherproof, shock and vibration resistant
  • Superior electret microphones deliver accurate frequency response and low distortion, operate on very low voltages, resist the effects of vibration, shock
  • EMI and RFI, and are practically indestructible
  • Electret microphones will outperform your expectations in just about any application.
  • High performance, subminiature, lightweight, superior noise canceling characteristics

Qualified OEM? Let Gentex build the perfect microphone for you.
From extremely lightweight booms for telephony applications to our superior rugged M175/VRC built to military specifications for use in M1 tanks - and everything in between - Gentex booms deliver a combination of performance and reliability is unmatched.
Select by Frequency Response or by sensitivity parameters.

For additional information about designing electret microphones into your products: Reference the Electret Microphone Application Guide