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Patient Isolation Unit (PIU)

Gentex offers the Patient Isolation Unit (PIU) Model G019-1000.  It is an isolation unit for individual casualty protection, controlled containment, easy treatment access and air/land transport. The PIU is especially designed for use during biological incidents or catastrophic events in civilian, commercial or military environments. The PIU is designed to enable medical care-giving to the patient via integrated medical bulkheads interfaced with end-user supplied medical products and equipment.

This product is a government approved, fully qualified and product-ready defense item.  The PIU is also Food & Drug Administration (FDA) cleared - the FDA clearance number is K080117.

Key Features/Benefits

  • ECG Connections (4): Color coded and compatible with Propaq, Zoll, and Phillips ECG devices.
  • IRIS Ports (6): Used to permit additional wiring access to the patient without compromising protection barrier.
  • Suction Ports (4): Each filtered port is equipped with a HEPA rated filter to keep suction machines clean of biological contamination and is compatible with Impact, DeVilbiss and similar portable suction devices.
  • Ventilator Circuit (3): Each port is equipped with a HEPA rated filter to keep ventilator clean of biological contamination and is compatible with Impact 750, Impact 754, and similar ventilators.
  • IV Ports (7): Universal Luer-to-Luer valves for any IV tubing and equipment.
  • NIBP Port (1): Compatible with any Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) monitor with pressure cuff connections listed below.
  • Cuff Connector Adapters (3): 1 metal bayonet type female quick connector for 1/8" I.D. tubing, Hewlett Packard style, 1 female subminiatures (quick coupling) (no swivel) for 5/32" I.D. tubing (GE/Marquette, Protocol) and 1 threaded male swivel collar connectors for 5/32" tubing, plastic.