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Filtron Light Management Technology

Offering standard and custom light management solutions, Filtron® is an innovative and proven light management technology solution incorporated in the manufacture of specialty polymer materials and high-performance plastic products that need to meet specific performance requirements.

Capabilities and Applications Range from Standard to Custom Materials
Chosen by customers around the world for exceptional engineering and product design flexibility, Filtron standard and custom solutions offer light-filtering capabilities that are frequently driven by customers’ specific requirements of color, optical density and/or visual light transmission. Often, the Filtron technology is applied to modify or enhance plastics' properties and characteristics that overcome design challenges and technical limitations of glass. Filtron materials can be integrated into a variety of polymeric substrates, including polycarbonate, acrylic and vinyl resins. They can be used individually, in various combinations to meet your technical specifications, or can be customized to meet additional or complex requirements.

Filtron Standard Solutions

  • Laser protective sheets. These sheets are used to:
    • Shield healthcare professionals while operating laser medical treatment devices
    • Protect personnel using lasers in manufacturing processes
    • Protect researchers who work with laser devices
    • Provide light shielding materials for military applications
  • Edge or long wavelength pass filters.
  • Infrared suspension filters. Common applications include:
    • Security and indicator lights
    • Light filters for Night Vision Goggles


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