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Helmet Systems

The company’s Gentex® and Ops-Core® family of modular helmet systems for ground and air personnel include an array of helmets 
and accessories all designed to seamlessly work together and provide advanced capability and protection for the modern soldier. This 
unique systems approach ensures cost effective and easy integration of current and future capabilities; and our vertically-integrated 
production and in-house design and engineering capability allows us to rapidly develop, test, and produce solutions to meet specific 
customer needs.



Our comprehensive line of durable and innovative head protection systems and services for fixed and rotary wing aircrew allow for the easy integration of advanced capabilities without sacrificing protection.

  • Aircrew Fixed Wing

    Fixed Wing

    Gentex is the world-leader in lightweight, high-performance flight helmets for high-G environments, multi-platform aircrafts and trainers.

  • Aircrew Rotary Wing

    Rotary Wing

    Gentex manufactures the widest range of rotary-wing helmets designed to provide unparalleled capabilities with exceptional safety.

  • Aircrew Respiratory

    Fixed Wing

    A critical component of our helmet systems, our respiratory technologies are used in fixed and rotary aircraft platforms protecting aircrew domestically and in nations throughout the world.

  • Aircrew Accessories

    Fixed Wing

    Our broad array of system components seamlessly integrate into our Rotary and Fixed Wing helmet systems providing additional system functionality without sacrificing protection.

  • Aircrew Training


    Gentex customers purchase more than just a product or system; they purchase the backing of over 100 years of Gentex quality, performance, innovation and support. Gentex offers a variety of services to help maximize the benefit of our products, from phone consultation to complete on-site installation and service packages.


Gentex’s comprehensive suite of scalable head protection and situational awareness products provide the warfighter with true system performance.

  • Ground Dismounted

    Dismounted Operations

    We design helmets that provide ballistic penetration resistance, impact protection, comfort and stability for the dismounted war fighter.

  • Ground Mounted

    Mounted Operations

    We provide the ability to comunicate via intercom or radios while being afforded ballistic and impact protection with our Gentex vehicle helmet systems.

  • Ground Maritime


    Our helmet platforms are designed to withstand the most extreme maritime enviroment while providing ballistic and impact protection available with or without communications.

  • Ground Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement

    The Gentex family of Law Enforcement helmets are NTOA approved and tested against ballistic threat levels with 9mm and other projectiles.

  • Ground Special Ops


    With its unique system design and rail technology for mounting helmet accessories, Ops-Core™ is the leading brand of modular integrated helmet systems for elite defense and security forces.

  • Ground Accessories

    Fixed Wing

    Designed to seamlessly integrate with our helmet systems, our comprehensive line of accessories provide additional system functionality without sacrificing protection.