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Eye & Face Protection

For complete head protection and added performance, Gentex offers a variety of advanced eye and face protection products that seamlessly integrate into Gentex/ALPHA helmet systems.

  • Visor (Non-Laser)

    Aircrew Helmet System Platforms

    Gentex offers an extensive selection of high quality visors that protect the eyes and face from sun glare and flying debris while enhancing the flight experience. Choose from our wide selection of visor lenses, housings, and assemblies to suit your specific mission needs. Gentex visors are compatible with all our aircrew fixed wing, rotary wing and cross-platform helmet systems.

  • Visor Lenses


    All Gentex standard visor lenses offer advanced protection while enhancing visual acuity. For more advanced mission needs, Gentex has developed high-contrast and gradient visor lenses.

  • Visor Housings


    To house and protect visor assemblies, Gentex produces a large selection of visor housings for its SPH and 56/P helmet systems to meet flight needs, including Night Vision Goggle (NVG) capable platforms. Seamlessly integrating into our helmet systems, the housings come in an array of complementary colors.

  • Visor Assemblies


    Gentex visor lenses are designed to seamlessly fit with all our visor assemblies, each providing different levels of protection and performance. Compatible visor assemblies are available for all of our aircrew helmet systems.

  • Laser Eye Protection

    Oxygen Masks

    Explore our latest innovative laser threat technology line. Dazzle Laser Defense Eyewear, offering protection for professional and private pilots. Enjoy the benefits of low cost of ownership, comfort, equipment compatibility, and durability.

  • Maxillofacial Shields

    Dismounted Operations

    The Gentex and ALPHA Maxillofacial Shields (MFS) safeguard the lower face from rotor wash, flying debris and windblast during helicopter operations. An optional upgrade to Gentex HGU-56/P, HGU-84/P, or SPH-5® Rotary Wing Helmet Systems; ALPHA 900 Cross Platform Helmet Systems; and the ALPHA Eagle Helmet System, the MFS significantly enhances communications clarity by reducing wind noise across the boom microphone.

  • NVG Mounts

    Fixed Wing

    To help ensure pilot safety and performance while using Night Vision Goggles (NVG), Gentex offers NVG mounts for many of their most common helmet system platforms.