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Upgrade Kit for the Police Armor System Ground Troops-IIIA (PASGT) Helmet

GENTEX offers two styles of Suspension and Retention Upgrade Kits for the U.S. Army PASGT and most PASGT-style helmets. Both systems provide a significant number of adjustments to ensure a comfortable helmet fit.

The first suspension and retention upgrade kit features a Headband/Crown Pad Suspension and 4-Point Retention System, it features a foam-filled, sheepskin leather headband with hook and pile adjustment and fastening system is removable for cleaning and replacement.  An open mesh crown pad design provides comfort and good ventilation. It is easily adjusted by a single drawstring height adjustment ensures best fit and compatibility with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs).

The second suspension and retention upgrade kit features a Pad Suspension, composed of eight pads are included in a single helmet upgrade kit. All pads can be varied in thicknesses for placement in the helmet for uniform compression. The sizing pads provide impact protection and minimize pressure points. The cover of the pads can be opened to remove or add foam. The crown pads are half-moon shaped and can be separated to accommodate the headband of a headset. Held in place by hook tape bonded to the helmet shell, and the pads can be positioned as necessary.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Headband/Crown Pad Suspension.
  • Pad Suspension.
  • 4-Point Retention System.

Both kits utilize a retention system that attaches at four points using existing fastening locations. It utilizes a large, sheepskin leather nape pad with foam cushioning and front back adjustments anchor the helmet securely and prevent forward rotation. A spilt chin strap with suede insert is removable for cleaning and replacement.

The helmet upgrade kits are available in Green or Black, and in sizes Small through X-Large.