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Special Operations Headset Adaptable Helmet (SOHAH)

The Special Operations Headset Adaptable Helmet (SOHAH) by GENTEX is designed to be worn over headsets with large sound attenuating ear cups that cannot be worn in combination with PASGT and Tactical Ballistic Helmet-II (TBH-II™) style helmets or the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH).

Used by the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and other military or government agencies, it is available in sizes small and medium/large. A shell choice of a non-ballistic fiberglass bump protection, ballistic when tested in accordance with MIL-STD 662 with a 17-grain fragmentation simulator projectile the helmet has a v50 1400 feet per second velocity, or a ballistic value of v50 2150 feet per second which also meets Level IIIA 9 mm projectile.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Two levels of protection.
  • Variable thickness pad suspension system with split crown pads.
  • Retention system designed to withstand 150 lbs.
  • Two sizes and available in a variety of colors.

The SOHAH, also referred to as the GT-SC132, incorporates a variable thickness pad suspension system with split crown pads that can be separated to allow an over-the-head headband of a headset to be worn between the pads to prevent pressure on the head. The pads contained in the adjustable suspension system can be positioned by the wearer for maximum stability and comfort.

The helmet's retention system is designed to withstand a 150 lbs. load to prevent inadvertent release. It attaches at four points to the shell for improved stability and provides for multiple adjustments to accommodate various ear cup shapes. The front hanger straps can be released so they can be positioned between a boom microphone, if one is on the headset, and the wearer to prevent the microphone from being pressed against the face.

The ballistic helmet shells have a textured surface, and can be pre-drilled to accomodate a Night Vision Goggle Bracket. The shell inside surface contains hook tapes that hold the pad suspension in place. The shell edge is protected with rubber beading. The helmet shell is available in: Black, Green 383, Olive Drab, UN Blue, Desert Tan, U.S. Army Foliage Green, Coyote Brown, Gray and an Orange with reflective tape for search and rescue missions.

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