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Tactical Communications Helmet (TCH), Maritime or Ground Use

The Tactical Communications Helmet (TCH) designed by Gentex is used in the harsh maritime environment providing reliable communications, hearing, impact and ballistic protection with ease of hygienic maintenance.

The TCH utilizes several innovative features including the ability to wear the microphone on the left or right side, the detachment of one of the ear cups for expanded ambient hearing capability, and the use of water resistant sealed switchers and connectors.  

Key Features/Benefits

  • Provides reliable communicaions, hearing, impact and ballistic protection.
  • Lower cables can be provided with or without Push-to-talk switch. 
  • Ability to the microphone on the left or right side.
The Gentex TCH consists of four primary components:
Helmet Liner: Two sizes are available to fit the 5th to 95th percentile population. The liner holds the communication system and attaches to the outer shell. It is made of fire retardant material and includes ventilated impact protective foam.
Communications System: Consists of ballistic fragmentation ear cups that contain the earphones or optional Active Noise Reduction modules, flex boom microphone, cushion ear seals and water resistant cables with or without Push-to-Talk switch with a bail out connector. Communication systems are available for interface with various radios and intercoms such as the VIC-I, VIS or Gentex's LVIS.

Outer Shell: Shells are available in two sizes small or medium/large and also in a variety of colors and protection levels. The three primary levels are bump only, ballistic v50 1400 or 2150 feet per second as tested in accordance with Mil Std 662 with a 17 grain fragmentation simulator.

Lower Cables: Connects to the bail-out connector on the upper cable and to the specified radio or intercom. Lower cables can be provided with or without the Push-to-Talk switch and are available in different lengths.

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