Gentex - SAFE 2017

SAFE 2017

Gentex Introduces New Hearing Protection and Communications, and Respiratory Protection Products at SAFE Symposium

Expanded Portfolio Advances Protection and Performance Capabilities of Aircrew

Gentex Corporation will introduce several new hearing protection and communication products to the U.S. market at this year’s SAFE Symposium, featuring the Gentex Wire-Free Communications Earplugs. Designed for aircrew requiring double hearing protection, the wire-free earplugs improve reliability and user experience for aircrew. Other products being introduced by Gentex at this year’s SAFE Symposium include:

  • Gentex Mini Dynamic Oxygen Mask Mic, which XXXXXX
  • Aircrew Helmet Noise Reduction (AHNR) Technology, which is DoD and MoD qualified to reduce noise exposure for aircrew flying in louder aircraft and during longer missions
  • Gentex Low Profile Particulate Respirator, a low-profile, half-mask respirator that offers 99.97% filtration efficiency against a wide range of particulate contaminants encountered by doorgunners and other rear aircrew

Visit Gentex at SAFE, October 30th through November 1st, Orlando, Florida booth #XXX

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