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Photochromic Landing Page

The Newest Innovation in Vision Technology, Coming Soon from Gentex

Mission success hinges on maintaining clear vision in every environment. Gentex Photochromic coating technology automatically adjusts to variable lighting conditions, which allows users to avoid having to change from a clear to a tinted visor lens during a mission.

The Newest Innovation in Vision Technology, Coming Soon from Gentex

Why Photochromic?

  • Absorbs direct or filtered UV light and activates embedded molecules, which lighten and darken the lens based on lighting conditions
  • Photochromic coating will lighten and darken even when the user is behind a windshield or canopy
  • Lens begins darkening immediately upon exposure to UV light
  • Photochromic coating can be applied to a variety of lens shapes and sizes, and can be used in both day and night missions
  • Photochromic technology and lens surface are protected by scratch-resistant coating
  • Darkened visor maintains a neutral grey color

Download the Photochromic Datasheet or learn more about Gentex Corporation’s eye protection and visual acuity products and technologies.


Photochromic Solutions


Low Light

In the absence of activating light, the Clear state transmissions are greater than 80% T, which offers future opportunity for combination with some laser eye protection (LEP) filters.

Bright Light

Fully activate Gentex Photochromic Dark State protects vision during bright and sunny conditions, offering an effective alternative to the Gentex Sunshade or Tinted Neutral Grey visor.

Single Visor Solution

Photochromic coating absorbs direct or filtered UV light and activates the embedded molecules causing the lens to darken or lighten when exposed or removed from light, including behind canopies and windshields.

Versatile Applications

Photochromic coating technology can be applied to Gentex's suite of optical visor protection products for both aircrew and ground forces.

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