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Product Use & Maintenance Training and Service

Get the Most Out of Your Aircrew Products

Gentex customers purchase more than just a product or system; they purchase the value of over one hundred years of Gentex quality, performance, innovation, knowledge, and support. In addition, Gentex offers a variety of training courses and follow on support services to help maximize the benefits to our customers.  With proven training from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), you’ll gain the highest level of training and skills necessary to get the most out of your aircrew products from Gentex Corporation and have a real impact in your own shop or in the field.

Training Course Overview

Customers, both technical operators and maintainers, benefit from training or refresher courses offered by Gentex for the proper use, operation, and maintenance of Gentex Corporation products.  All courses are:

  • Held at your facility or at our state-of-the-art facility in Southern California
  • Conducted by Gentex technical sales and engineering experts
  • Can be customized for your specific requirements
  • Structured-learning environments
  • Supported with the appropriate hardware, course outline and applicable technical manuals/operation and maintenance manuals
  • Length of courses vary depending upon class size and learning components to be covered


Gentex provides Certificates of Completion in several specialty product areas or product families. Whether you are a first-time technical trainee or require refresher training within the specialty product line that suits your specific needs, we offer two levels from which to choose.

Level 1—Technical Level Operation & Maintenance

Designed for first time attendees or those that need refresher training.


  • Technical level position in a shop or field environment


  • Each student to attend daily instruction and participate in a group hands-on instruction with the trainer as each operation is explained with use of an Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM) / Technical Document.
  • Instruction covers general familiarization, operation, and maintenance at a hands-on level of selected products.
  • A Certificate of Level 1 Course Completion is distributed to attendees at the end of the course.

Level 2—Master Level Operation & Maintenance with Demonstrated Hands-On Product Knowledge

Continue adding to your skills by completing one further day of training per product to achieve a Level 2 Master Level Certificate of Completion.


  • Each student must have successfully completed a one day Level 1 Technical Level Operation & Maintenance refresher training course specific to the products planned for Level 2 training certification.


  • Level 2 Master Certification requires individuals to fully and independently demonstrate, without further instruction from the trainer, that they can perform all levels of Operation & Maintenance and any repair (including calibration of tester if tester training is selected).
  • Instructor provides a comprehensive checklist upon completion of each demonstration to document individual results.
  • A Certificate of Level 1 Refresher and Level 2 Course Completion is distributed to attendees at the end of the course.


  • Train at our-state-of-the-art facility in Southern California or other Gentex Corporation locations (please contact us for availability).
  • Training may also be conducted at your facility, understanding that in some cases, shop areas do not provide the type of environment large enough for training to take place. The space provided must be clean, noise free, and of adequate size for the number of trainees and instructors.
  • Non-service use training aids (helmets/masks) to be made available by the customer (one per attendee). Tools and instruction materials will be provided by the instructor.


We’re available to assist. Please contact us at for any questions related to our training or with training follow up questions regarding:

  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Operation, Integration
  • Discuss potential Service Plans and/or a spare parts stocking program
  • Factory and field options, which guarantee return to service in the fastest possible time


Contact us at to discuss your training needs and allow us to put together a package that best fits your application.

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