Gentex - Manufacturing Versatility

Manufacturing Versatility

Gentex can produce a wide range of optical formats to meet your specific application needs. Regardless of mold size or type, our automated production environment provides precise cycle time control and a stable thermal environment that results in excellent part-to-part uniformity and high manufacturing yields. A self-contained clean environment is used for resin transport to ensure extremely low levels of contamination and for application of anti-scratch hard coatings or other specialty coatings. Flow coating of individual surfaces is also available.   For embedded absorptive dyes, Gentex mixes and compounds these powders and resins in both a laboratory scale or at industrial scale.

Broad Range of Standard and Custom Optics

Gentex offers an extensive line of high precision optics available in standard models for quick delivery, modified standard models, or custom designed for your unique requirements. We are adept at quickly producing optics in all shapes and sizes, large and small.


With a broad range of molding machines, Gentex has the ability to produce a wide range of formats to suit your particular application.

  • Wide range of molding machines from 50 to 450 ton
  • Automated production equipment
  • Resin solutions for any application including high ballistic, high temp or high flow
  • Off the shelf designs
  • Custom design

Coatings and Materials

Gentex uses its unique combination of coatings and wide array of resin materials to deliver full filtering capability in its optics, such as those needed for anti-reflection. Gentex also has hard coating resins for longevity and durability.

  • 3 different hard coatings for various levels of anti-scratch / impact performance
  • 2 different Anti Fog coatings including military grade AF
  • Small Coating line for flexibility to do small runs or development work
  • Mass production line
  • Flow coating cell for products that require different coating on A vs. B side
  • Vacuum coating capability
  • Custom blending and color matching
  • Laser solutions for multiple wavelengths of laser light
  • Custom resin types including ballistic, high-temp, low mold release
  • Commercially available welding shade resins (enables optics to respond to light activity)

Specifications Achieved

Gentex has over 40 years experience achieving optical specifications for some of the world’s most demanding military and industrial safety applications.

National Specs:
  • ANSI Z80.1
  • ANSI Z80.3
  • ANSI-Z87.1
Military Specs:
  • MIL-V-43511C
  • MIL-DTL-43511D
  • MILPRF 31013
European Specs:
  • EN166
  • EN167 & EN168
  • EN1836


For final product trimming, fabrication, and assembly, Gentex is equipped with machines ranging from small tabletop lens edgers and digital routers, to large 5-axis CNC trimming and laser etching machines. With this wide range of machines in house, Gentex can trim anything from small spectacle lenses to large visors with complex profiles.

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