Gentex - PureFlo ESM Respirator Saves Worker at Polymer Production Facility

PureFlo ESM Respirator Saves Worker at Polymer Production Facility

Demonstrates the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selection

PureFlo respiratory equipment has yet again demonstrated its incredible performance in a life threatening workplace accident, this time at a large polymer production facility in North America earlier this year–a worker wearing a PureFlo ESM respiratory unit was able to go home safely following a significant polymer splash incident.

The Incident

  • Molten polymer hit the PureFlo ESM’s face shield and wearer’s upper body at a temperature of 275°C (527°F).

The Result

  • Due to the performance of the PureFlo ESM respirator and other appropriate PPE he was wearing, he was able to walk away from the incident injury free.

The Alternative

  • Had the worker been wearing alternative PPE, rather than the type of quality and comfort provided by the PureFlo ESM respirator with other PPE, there is little doubt that the worker would have sustained third degree burns to his face and upper body, and almost certainly lost his vision.
  • Experts have suggested that burns of this nature would very likely have led to the incident becoming a fatality.

Workplace incidents of this nature can be very difficult to predict and happen on a more frequent basis than most would care to admit.   This incident further demonstrates the need for industrial workers to be provided with PPE of the highest quality–including the advanced level of head, face and eye protection offered by the PureFlo range of products.

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