Several Brands. One Mission.

Enhancing Personnel Protection and Situational Awareness

Gentex Corporation is made of several brand families, each supporting customers in different ways, but all with a focus on enhancing personal protection and situational awareness for people operating in high performance environments.

Helmet Systems for Defense Forces, Emergency Responders, and Industrial Personnel

With roots dating back to 1894, Gentex is the company’s first and largest selling and most trusted brand of helmet systems for defense forces and emergency responders operating on the ground, in the air or at sea. Complementing the Gentex brand is the company’s line of helmet systems for elite forces in defense, law enforcement, and security, Ops-Core.

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Helmet Systems for Elite Defense,
Law Enforcement, and Security Forces

Introduced in 2005, Ops-Core is Gentex Corporation’s line of helmet systems for elite defense, law enforcement, and security forces.  The modular, scalable, open-architecture design of Ops-Core helmets allows for the seamless integration of components, which provides true system level performance.  With this unique design, plus industry leading protection, Ops-Core is today’s preferred brand of helmet systems for special operations forces, SWAT teams, and other elite emergency response personnel.  Complementing the company’s Ops-Core brand are Gentex helmet systems.

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Helmet Systems for Defense Aircrew, Law Enforcement, and Rescue Personnel and Passengers

ALPHA is Gentex Corporation’s line of helmet systems for defense aircrew, as well as emergency response and rescue operations. For aircrew, these advanced helmet systems are designed to be configured for fixed and rotary wing platforms, making them the optimal solution for users looking to reduce their logistic trail as the helmet can be configured to provide a variety of capabilities to suit the flight operation’s specific requirements.

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Industrial Respiratory Protection Systems

Gentex Corporation’s line of PureFlo respirators is among the highest performing cost effective industrial respiratory protection systems available. Used throughout the world in a wide variety of heavy and light duty industries, these proven respirators can be configured to match your exact needs. Their innovative designs provide integrated respiratory, head, face, and eye protection against industry hazards while enhancing end user mobility, comfort, and workplace performance.

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OEM High-Performance Aluminized Fabrics for Firefighters and Industrial Workers

Leveraging its roots as a silk manufacturer in the early 1900’s, Gentex Corporation pioneered the technology of combining metals with fabrics in the 1950’s for U.S. military researchers probing the upper atmosphere. Today, the company is the global leader in high-performance aluminized fabrics with its Dual Mirror brand. Field proven for over fifty years, Dual Mirror delivers the most durable aluminized fabrics in the industry. While there are endless uses for Dual Mirror fabrics, they are primarily used to create garments worn by firefighters and industrial workers operating in high-heat environments.

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Helmet Systems for Firefighters
and Paramedics

Cromwell helmet systems provide firefighters and paramedics the protection they need to respond to any emergency with confidence. Our comprehensive range of helmet systems provides the highest quality, without compromising wearer comfort or long-term affordability.

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OEM Light Management Products

Filtron is an innovative and proven OEM light management technology incorporated in the manufacture of specialty polymer materials and high-performance plastic products that need to meet specific performance requirements. Chosen by customers around the world for exceptional engineering and product design flexibility, common applications for Filtron light management products include laser light shields for research, healthcare, military, and manufacturing personnel; security and indicator lights; and light filters for Night Vision goggles.

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Public Order/Riot Helmets for
Law Enforcement and Security Forces

Argus public order/riot helmets with integrated face guards provide law enforcement and security forces the protection they need to respond to any situation with confidence. These advanced helmet systems deliver the highest quality protection and functionality, while providing comfort or long-term value.

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