Key Applications


While there are endless uses for our advanced aluminized fabrics, they’re primarily used to create garments worn by firefighters and industrial workers operating in high-heat environments.

Proximity Firefighting

Dual Mirror aluminized fabric is the only fabric that meets the demanding requirements for outershells for the NFPA 1971 Proximity Firefighting protective clothing.

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Industrial Heat Shielding

Dual Mirror aluminized fabric is the most efficient high-temperature, radiant-heat barrier available in either protective clothing or other shielding applications.

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Molten Metal Splash Protection

Dual Mirror aluminized fabric has proven to be the world leader in protecting workers from the hazard of molten metal in the primary metals industries.

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Radiant Heat Protection

Dual Mirror aluminized fabrics are the most efficient, durable, and flexible barrier material available to reflect radiant (IR) energy.

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Unlimited Applications

The potential uses of Dual Mirror aluminized fabrics are limitless due to its unique insulation and heat reflective properties, and that its impervious to most aqueous and hydrocarbon-based compounds, as well as being high temperature resistant and flame retardant. Contact us today to find the fabric for your application.

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