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Worry-Free Protection

The PureFlo® family of industrial safety respiratory protection solutions protects people from immediate and long-term health and safety hazards present in their work environments while enhancing workplace performance.


General Industrial

Providing reliable, high-quality protection systems for workers in light- to heavy-duty environments across the globe has been our top priority since 1970.

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Award-Winning Protection

Our leading-edge, head-mounted PAPRs deliver respiratory, head, eye and face protection in one unit with fewer exposed parts ‒ improving all-around safety (fewer incidents) and workforce productivity (greater mobility). Both the PureFlo 3000 and our versatile ESM+ line of PAPRs are ideal for almost every industrial environment and application.

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User-Driven Safety and Comfort

Designed with a commitment to user safety, innovation and ease of use, our PAPRs are the new standard in industrial protection. With a number of available configurations and available accessories, the PureFlo 3000 lets you tailor your PAPR to just about any environment, while our ESM+ line offers versatile protection in the most challenging workspaces.

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The PureFlo 3000 PAPR is the new breed of industry leading all-in-one air-purifying protection systems. Lightweight and low-profile, its enhanced features for maximum mobility and simplified use make it ideal in healthcare and emergency response environments for protection against respiratory hazards.

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Configurable Design

Available with Tychem® face seal, respiratory drawstring hood or disposable slipover hood for enhanced splash protection, the PureFlo 3000 is NIOSH approved and designed for ease of use, whether you are in a patient-focused or laboratory setting.

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Easy to Use Out of the Box

Unlike waist-mounted PAPRs, the PureFlo 3000’s head-mounted design improves comfort and mobility and is ready to use right of of the box. Fewer parts reduces the amount of equipment exposed to potential contamination issues, providing superior protection in healthcare settings.

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PureFlo provides reliable, high-quality protection systems for MRO workforces across the globe. Our leading-edge, head-mounted PAPRs deliver respiratory, head, eye and face protection in one unit ‒ improving all-around safety and workforce productivity, with fewer exposed parts.

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New Standard for MRO Workers

Designed with a commitment to user safety, innovation and ease of use, our PAPRs are the new standard in industrial protection. As a head-mounted respirator, the PureFlo 3000 has no belt or hoses. Without hoses, the risk of snag is reduced, allowing MRO workers to move easily within their environment.

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World-Class Protection and Ease of Use

As an out-of-the-box solution, workers can simply grab their PureFlo 3000 PAPR and go, without losing time putting together and breaking down equipment. It removes the need for carrying additional supplies like a hard hat, safety eyewear and face mask, and workers can quickly don and doff without having to give up their tool belts.

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Want to improve your ROI? PureFlo head-mounted PAPRs improve donning & doffing efficiency, make for easier maintenance and cleaning, and offer cost-effective spare parts and accessories that can save your team time and money compared to waist-mounted PAPRs.

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nuclear work

Safety and Comfort in One Unit

Safety is our number one priority, and serving the nuclear industry is no exception. Our PAPRs reduce snag risks with fewer exposed parts and reduce exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and particles in an all-in-one respiratory, head, eye and face protection solution.

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Head-Mounted Configurable Protection

With a powerful HEPA filter and variety of configurations, the PureFlo 3000 is ideal for protection, comfort, mobility and efficiency in the nuclear workplace. The all-in-one design minimizes potential interferences with tools, machinery and other PPE, so you can get right to work.

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PureFlo PAPRs provide superior protection and simple configurations that meet the unique demands of laboratory and clean room settings. Our head-mounted design maximizes mobility, offers best-in-class integrated respiratory, head, eye and face protection against airborne particulates, and doesn't interfere with other PPE.

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Innovation and Ease-of-Use

The PureFlo 3000 for pharmaceutical environments is a breakthrough in headborne weight, comfort, and durability. Its head-mounted design reduces snag hazards caused by belts and hoses, and makes donning and doffing quick and easy.

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Quality Pharma Protection

As a loose-fitting PAPR, the PureFlo 3000 eliminates the need for face fit testing and can be used safely with beards and/or prescription spectacles. Its optional reusable/disposable hood to protect from chemicals, pathogens and viruses, making it the ideal choice for protection in pharmaceutical settings.

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Welding protection begins with PureFlo. Our all-in-one, lightweight PureFlo 3000 Welding PAPR has enhanced features for maximum mobility and comfort, all while protecting against exposure to harmful welding fume and particulates.

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A Breakthrough in Safety

Whether it’s the award-winning PureFlo 3000 or the hard-working ESM+ PF60, PureFlo PAPRs are breakthroughs in welding safety. The welding visor and hard hat configurations, two ADF filter options, and a flame-retardant face seal are available to enhance user safety.

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Comfort and Protection

Both the PureFlo 3000 with hard hat and welding visor and the ESM+ PF33 intrinsically safe PAPR are NIOSH and EN-approved and ergonomically designed to eliminate snag hazards without sacrificing respiratory, head, eye and face protection.

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