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Gentex Optics for Elite Performance & Protection

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Supported by decades of experience, Gentex Corporation designs and manufactures optics ranging from precision polycarbonate lenses to proprietary dyes and formulas. Worn by defense forces, law enforcement, emergency responders and industrial personnel operating in high performance environments, Gentex Corporation optics offer protection for whatever challenge arises.

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Advanced Optics

Gentex Corporation-manufactured lenses and visors offer the highest quality and levels of protection. Lenses are available in Clear, Tint, Laser Dazzle and High Contrast.

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Dazzle Laser Eye

Mission Configurable

Optics accessories – ranging from eyewear to visors to shields – are easily configurable to specific threats and conditions.

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Scalable Protection

Visors deliver eye or full-face protection from fragmentation to handgun threats. They feature anti-fog interior coatings and anti-scratch exteriors, with easy, one-handed operations.

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Dedicated to the Mission

Dedicated to the Mission

Gentex’s commitment is to the end user. Global defense forces, law enforcement, emergency responders and industrial personnel rely on our products and services to keep them safe. Everything we produce must meet rigorous standards to ensure the highest level of protection, quality and performance.

Our Company Commitment
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