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Ops-Core Helmet Systems & Capability Upgrades to Help You Respond with Confidence


Firefighters and other emergency response personnel rely on Gentex and Ops-Core helmet systems and capability upgrades to help them operate in the most demanding environments.

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Helmet Systems

Gentex and Ops-Core helmet systems systems are the choice of the most elite emergency responders. Researched and designed to meet and exceed mission needs, these helmet systems provide the most advanced protection on the market.

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Situational Awareness

Gentex Corporation’s user-driven designs provide the highest levels of hearing protection and increased situational awareness, combined with maximum mission configurability. Our hearing enhancement and scalable hearing protection, combined with microphones built for optimized speech intelligibility, enables clear communication for any mission.

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High Performance Optics

Supported by decades of experience, Gentex Corporation designs and manufactures optics ranging from precision polycarbonate lenses to proprietary dyes and formulas. Worn by defense forces, law enforcement, emergency responders and industrial personnel operating in high-performance environments, Gentex Corporation optics offer protection for whatever challenge arises.

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Respiratory Protection Systems

Gentex Corporation has decades of experience supplying ground, aircrew and industrial personnel with leading-edge respiratory systems.

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With over 20 fabric options, the our aluminized fabric system incorporates a proven five-layer structure that ensures a high level of abrasion resistance, so the fabric remains highly reflective. These unique fabrics also deliver the most efficient high-temperature barrier material on the market, with 95% heat reflectance.

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