Product Quality and Warranties

Superior Performance, Durability, and Value

Field proven for over fifty years, Dual Mirror delivers the most durable aluminized fabrics in the industry. Each roll of Dual Mirror Aluminized Fabric is thoroughly tested and provides uncompromising function, appearance, and superior performance even in the most demanding applications. To continue to provide industry leading performance, we continually enhance the properties of the aluminized surface of the fabric to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Testing and Certifications

  • NFPA 1971 Proximity Firefighters Protective Clothing
  • NFPA 701
  • European Testing EN 532 for protective clothing
  • EN:ISO11612 standards for protective clothing
  • Mil-C-24929A
  • ASTM F955-molten metal splash testing
  • ASTM F1939- radiant heat testing , with NFPA 1971 preconditioning
  • ISO 9001

Test Shows Six Times Better Protection

Results of an NFPA® 1971 Radiant Reflective test shows Dual Mirror Aluminized Fabrics provide six times better protection at higher heats than similar weight non-aluminized fabrics.

Product Warranties

Our team can help guide you in selecting the best fabric suited to your needs to ensure the longest potential lifespan based on the environment it is being used in, which proper usage and care also contribute to.

Contact your manufacturer for their recommendation on use and care.

Click here to download our Fabric Care Guide for Firefighters Clothing.