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Introducing RAILINK

Introducing RAILINK® Powered and Data-Enabled ARC RAILS for FAST® Helmet Systems

RAILINK is the first of its kind power and data solution that forms the backbone of a rapidly developing, scalable ecosystem that powers and connects your headborne system. Designed and tested with extensive US Military user input, RAILINK is now proving its worth in the field.

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With RAILINK, the operator can power a series of uniquely developed accessories and a variety of Visual Augmentation Systems (VAS) and allow them to send and receive real-time information digitally. External cabling is eliminated with power and data run through Smart Nodes, thereby simplifying helmet setup, streamlining snag hazards, and clearing ARC rail space for future technology insertion. Its open architecture enables rapid integration of personal protective and situational awareness equipment.

Combat in the Digital Age

Ops-Core is the leader in total headborne integrated solutions for the Global SOF and Elite LE communities, with a reputation for continually setting industry standards. RAILINK is no exception. Its innovative design allows electronic accessories to mount, power on, and communicate with each other, while enabling instant feedback to the operator and connecting the operator to others on the mission. The results of ongoing R&D efforts will provide enhanced sensory feedback, threat detection, and the visual representation of shared and received data.

RAILINK ARC RAILS –Combine the industry standard dovetail track for mechanical accessory attachment with an integrated power and data transmission network.

BATTERY PACK + – The centralized single point of power for the system, the Battery Pack + unit enables the transfer of data and power across the system and includes a coulomb counter that delivers charge state information back to your VAS system and an accelerometer that enables the powering down of your NVG system when you are not using it.

POWER & DATA FROM A SINGLE SOURCE – Dedicated circuits provide power and high bandwidth data to VAS/NVG and accessory systems, all powered from a single source.

SMART NODES FOR MECHANICAL & ELECTRONIC CONNECTIONS – Accessories are connected to the system via a system of Smart Nodes providing mechanical attachment as well as electronic power and low speed data connection.

UNIVERSAL VAS/NVG INTERFACE – The universal RAILINK VAS/NVG power interface allows the use of a broad array of night vision systems, including the latest systems that incorporate fused thermal channels and require power and data to operate. Dedicated cables routed within the RAILINK system streamline fitment by removing the need for externally routed battery pack cables and reducing undesirable snag hazards.

CONNECTIVITY ACROSS SYSTEMS – Using a communications protocol, power and data are routed through the network from node to node and to the battery pack plus, which can serve as a controller to share information around the helmet and supports sharing across a network to other soldier systems.

BACKWARD AND FORWARD COMPATIBLE – RAILINK has been designed to be backward and forward compatible with all FAST high cut helmet systems.

BULK REDUCTION AND REDUCED FATIGUE – With VAS systems and all accessories drawing power from the single source of RAILINK, the accessories themselves become much smaller and can also be mounted in closer proximity to the center of gravity of the helmet, with a resultant lowering of fatigue to the wearer during extended operations.

MAXIMIZE SPACE AND SIMPLICITY – Mounting outside of the ARC rail dovetail track means more open space for other accessories. Drawing from a single power source means added simplicity for the user, eliminating the need for managing multiple types of batteries per device.

Development Partners

Ops-Core has developed the RAILINK system in conjunction with industry-leading defense technology companies who understand the power of collaboration and work with us to improve and expand the capability of operators.

CORE Survival

A leader in the field of user-defined, field-proven lighting solutions for specialized operations in the Military & LE environments, Core Survival has designed the HEL-STAR Rail Strobe® to be a helmet-rail mounted visible (white) and IR synchronized strobe marker installed on both sides of the helmet-leaving the top of the helmet clear for reduced snag hazards and increased mobility.


Princeton Tec

RAILINK Switch MPLS is a low light/IR directional lighting solution that works with the Gentex RAILINK powered rail system. Weighing in at only 13 grams with an easy-to-operate, glove-friendly switch, it gives the end user a fail-safe lighting solution for all their low light and IR lighting needs.



A trusted source for military and law enforcement personnel worldwide, SureFire continually delivers a critical capability to everyone involved in nighttime operations.


Interested in becoming a Development Partner

Ops-Core is looking for industry-leading development partners to increase the capabilities of the system. To make this simple, Ops-Core has developed a royalty-free licensing agreement and Interface Control Document (ICD) to support rapid development of partner accessories.

 If you are interested please add your information into the box below and Gentex will contact you                 

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