Gentex Corporation - Next Generation Fixed Wing Helmet

Next Generation Fixed Wing Helmet

Protecting Those  <br> Who Protect <br> Our Skies

Protecting Those
Who Protect
Our Skies

The Next Generation Fixed Wing Helmet

The Next Generation Fixed Wing Helmet

The next generation of our fixed wing helmet is a modern helmet that protects the modern fighter, designed to support advances in aircraft helmet-mounted display systems. Lighter and more comfortable than the headborne system before it, the helmet features design and technical improvements to improve safety and accommodate the greater physical demands placed on pilots. Heightened ventilation removes hot spots for greater comfort during missions, while enhanced support provides elevated head and neck protection. As an out-of-the-box, ready-to-fit-and-fly helmet system with increased adaptability and multiple configurations, the helmet reduces maintainer touch-time by up to 50% and eliminates additional helmet purchases over a pilot’s career lifespan.

Past. Present. Future.


For decades, Gentex Corporation has provided the most advanced products for global defense forces operating in high-performance environments.


Gentex offers high-level performance, protection and quality driven by advanced technologies. No matter where your mission takes you, we have you covered. 


The Next Generation Fixed Wing Helmet is a future-proof solution that responds to the fixed-wing air combat fighter’s rapidly changing roles and needs. We’re dedicated to protecting the warriors that have answered the call to defend the skies.

Future-Proof Architecture

Crafted with foresight and versatility to incorporate future capabilities

Individualized Bespoke Fitting

Custom fitting for 99% of both male and female aircrew for  extreme comfort and stability

Optimized Center of Gravity

Maximized stability with each configuration to significantly reduce neck injury potential

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