Gentex - Product Authentication Guide

Product Authentication Guide

Why Buy Authentic Gentex Corporation Brands?

Trusted for Over 100 Years

With some of the world’s most respected and recognizable brands, Gentex Corporation has spent over a century investing in its innovative-patented technologies and processes. Authentic Gentex Corporation branded products are made by an experienced team who take pride in producing products of the highest quality, which customers have counted on for over a century to perform in some of the harshest environments on earth. There’s no substitute for real Gentex Corporation product design, and field proven performance and reliability. Whether it’s a helmet, a respiratory protection system, a headset, a laser visor, or any other Gentex Corporation product, you can trust in its quality and capabilities, and the over 100 years of innovation behind it.

Guaranteed Performance

Counterfeit or illicit knockoff products could place users at great risk to bodily harm or injury as they do not meet the performance and protection standards that Gentex Corporation products are known for.

How to Tell an Authentic Gentex Corporation Product

Buy from Gentex Corporation or an Authorized Dealer

The only way to be sure you’re buying genuine Gentex Corporation products, and protect yourself from fraud, is to buy directly from the Gentex Corporation or a Gentex Corporation authorized distributor. Buying from unauthorized sources can be risky. Unless purchased from Gentex Corporation or an authorized dealer, the products carry no warranty from Gentex Corporation. Moreover, products purchased from unauthorized sources may be counterfeit or stolen goods, and reselling such products may be subject to criminal penalties.

Report Fraud

Gentex Corporation is dedicated to delivering quality products with the highest levels of protection and situational awareness possible, and works diligently to uphold the integrity of the company and its brands, and ensure that counterfeit or illicit knockoff products do not undermine this promise to customers. If you would like to report a suspected counterfeit Gentex Corporation product, please contact us at Gentex Corporation appreciates your assistance in preventing the distribution of counterfeit products.

What to Look For

Because of its advanced and unique design, Ops-Core is our most imitated brand.  

Click here to view information on how to identify authentic Ops-Core products.


If you have any doubt about the authenticity of a product that is marked with a Gentex Corporation brand logo, or resembles a Gentex Corporation brand, please contact Gentex Corporation’s customer service team directly for verification.

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