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Aircrew and Aircraft Maintainers

With a history of innovation that spans over 100 years, Gentex Corporation is the leading supplier of high-performance flight equipment for aircraft maintainers and military, law enforcement, and rescue aircrew worldwide. The company’s comprehensive line of durable and innovative helmet systems for fixed wing, rotary wing, and cross-platform applications allow for the easy integration of advanced capability upgrades without sacrificing protection. An equally comprehensive line of hearing protection and communication solutions provide aircraft maintainers superior hearing protection and precise, intelligible communications in the most extreme noise environments. To help you get the most out of your Gentex solution, all our products are backed by our industry leading training, service, and support. Whether you’re on the ground or in the air, with our Gentex, ALPHA, Aegisound, and Ops-Core branded products, you’ll get the performance you need with protection you can count on.

  • Aircrew Fixed Wing Helmet Systems

    Fixed Wing

    Sold under the Gentex and ALPHA brands, Gentex Corporation is the world-leader in lightweight, high-performance helmet systems for high-G environments.

  • Aircrew Cross - Platform Helmet Systems

    Fixed Wing

    Designed to be configured for fixed and rotary wing platforms, our ALPHA 900 Helmet System line is an optimal solution for users looking to reduce their logistic trail.

  • Aircrew Helmet System Capability Upgrades


    Enhance the performance capabilities of our helmet systems with an array of advanced capability upgrades that easily integrate without sacrificing protection. Gentex continues to leverage the unique, modular, scalable design approach of our Ops-Core brand, which creates opportunities to add even more capability upgrades and accessories.

  • Training and Service Life Schedule

    Air Helmet Comfort Liners

    Gentex and ALPHA customers purchase more than just a product or system, they purchase the backing of over 100 years of Gentex Corporation quality, performance, innovation and support. Gentex Corporation offers a variety of services to help maximize the benefits of our products. Check out our Recommended Replacement Schedule, or take advantage of phone support/complete on-site installation.

  • Aircrew Rotary Wing Helmet Systems

    Rotary Wing

    Sold under the Gentex and ALPHA brands, Gentex Corporation manufactures the widest range of rotary wing helmet systems designed to provide unparalleled capabilities with exceptional safety.

  • Aircrew Respiratory Protection

    Fixed Wing

    A critical component of our helmet systems, our respiratory technologies are used in fixed and rotary aircraft platforms protecting aircrew domestically and in nations throughout the world.

  • Aircraft Maintainer Equipment

    Air Helmet Comfort Liners

    Gentex Corporation provides aircraft maintainers the personal protection equipment they need so they can focus on pre-flight operations on the flight line, so pilots can safely and effectively complete their mission.

  • JSF F-35 Portfolio

    Joint Strike Fighter

    Gentex is proud to be contributing the helmet system platform, the respiratory protection system, and hearing-protection and communications devices for the JSF program. Learn more about these products and how you can obtain this advanced technology.