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Visor Assemblies

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Gentex visor lenses are designed to seamlessly fit with all our visor assemblies, each providing different levels of protection and performance. Compatible visor assemblies are available for all of our aircrew helmet systems. Many of our helmet systems also come with a visor housing, which protects visors from damage from scratches and flying debris, provides the means to adjust visor positions, and provides a stable platform for the mounting of Night Vision Goggles.

Product Selection Guide

Click here to view our product selection guide to determine the types of assemblies available for Gentex lenses and their compatible helmet and oxygen masks.

Gentex STEP-IN Visor Assembly

Close-fitting visor frame compatible with NVGs and HMDs. Clear or laser protective lenses available. Visor assembly also available for ALPHA helmet systems.

Gentex Bungee & High Speed Bungee Visor Assemblies

The Gentex Bungee Visor Assembly offers reduced weight and bulk while maintaining required levels of protection for Gentex fixed wing helmet systems.  The Gentex High-Speed Bungee Visor Assembly comes as an optional upgrade to the Gentex HGU-55/P Fixed Wing Helmet System, providing ejection safety up to 600 KEAS. Includes a friction strip on helmet brow edge roll for retention during windblast.

Gentex Tracked Visor Assembly

Tracked visors are used commonly with the Gentex HGU-56/P and SPH-5® rotary wing helmet systems and can be positioned at various positions along the arc of travel to optimize the visual field and interface to other head borne equipment, such as maxillofacial shields or oxygen masks.

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