Gentex Corporation - Gentex Corporation Announces Development Program for Accessory Providers for Ops-Core® RAILINK® Power and Data ARC Rail System 

30 January 2024

Gentex Corporation Announces Development Program for Accessory Providers for Ops-Core® RAILINK® Power and Data ARC Rail System 

CARBONDALE, PA, January 30, 2024 – Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, announced today that it is launching a development partner program for accessory providers for its patented RAILINK system.   

Participants meeting the requirements to enroll in the program will gain access to a royalty-free license to the Interface Control Documents needed to integrate electronic accessories into the RAILINK system. 

“RAILINK is capable of powering and integrating a broad range of sensors and information gathering devices” said Rafe Bennett, Vice President of Product Management at Gentex Corporation, “By implementing the development partner program we are able to offer access to RAILINK’s extensive patent portfolio and our ICD on a royalty-free basis to selected companies, enabling them to develop their own interoperable accessories for the RAILINK system. Our intent is to harness ideas from industry and utilizing RAILINK’s capability, rapidly expand the ecosystem of available accessories. This will result in enhancements in the system’s overall capabilities for the end user.” 

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The RAILINK platform facilitates integration of a broad range of sensors, displays, augmented reality capability, and wireless functionality on the headborne system. Powered by a central helmet power center, feeding power to, and sharing data between, an array of smart nodes and a VAS/NVG interface   RAILINK improves protection and lethality by increasing the effectiveness of the user and reducing their burden. 

About Gentex Corporation 

Part of Gentex Corporation’s portfolio for defense, emergency response, and security forces, the focus, and dedication of the company’s Ops-Core brand remains the same – protecting elite forces.  The modular, scalable, open-architecture design of Ops-Core products allows for seamless integration and true system level performance. 

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