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For over 40 years, Gentex Corporation has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of high-performance optics for use in its own defense, emergency response, and industrial safety products, and for OEMs within commercial sunwear, industrial, medical, and other markets. As a trusted supplier, we actively engage our customers throughout the design and manufacturing processes, and are available to assist them with their service and delivery strategies. From our vast experience in serving some of the world’s most demanding defense and industrial customers, we stand ready to help ensure your customer’s total satisfaction. Gentex produces all its optics in their U.S. facilities following a strict ISO certified Quality Management System.

Experienced Team

Gentex’s optical products team possesses all the essential disciplines needed to design, engineer, manufacture, and test today’s complex protective and performance eyewear for an array of applications including defense, emergency response, industrial safety, medical, commercial sun wear, and augmented reality. The team consists of subject matter experts in areas of industrial design, material science, optics, coatings, and manufacturing.

Mature Technical Competencies

During its over forty-year history of developing optics, Gentex Corporation has developed comprehensive technical competencies to deliver optical products of the highest quality.

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A global company with six facilities in the U.S. and Europe, Gentex designs, tests, and produces all its high performance optics in the U.S. where the company recently invested in a new 12,700 square foot optics engineering and manufacturing facility located in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, the company’s headquarters.

Vertical Integration

Being vertically integrated, from design capability and raw material manufacturing through end-product fabrication and assembly, Gentex has complete control over the quality of its products. Controlling the entire value chain also enables Gentex to shorten the design cycle, which means customers can have their optics developed and brought to market more quickly. Gentex truly is a one-stop shop.

Quality Assurance

For the development of all its optical products, Gentex employs an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. This system is supplemented with additional quality system requirements that meet the AS9001C standard, a standard that provides strict requirements established for the aviation, space, and defense industries. Both of these standards ensure that our Quality Management System consistently provides products that meet our customer’s requirements, enhance their satisfaction, and ensure process measurements to support continuous improvements.

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End-to-End In-House Capabilities;
Broad Range of Standard and Custom Optics

Gentex offers an extensive line of high precision optics available in standard models, modified standard models, or custom designed for your unique requirements. Because of our wide range of capabilities and defense and industrial safety optics experience, we're adept at quickly producing optics in all shapes and sizes, large and small. All the company’s optics are produced in the U.S. out of its new 12,700 square foot optics engineering and manufacturing facility located in Pennsylvania, the company’s headquarters. From design, to testing, to manufacturing, you can rely on Gentex’s optical capabilities and expertise.

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