Gentex - rapid prototyping

rapid prototyping

Our unique production methods allow us to quickly and cost effectively prototype your custom optics.

Complex Modeling and Design Software

To develop custom solutions, Gentex uses complex modeling and design software including:

  • Geometrical Model for Eye Safety Zone
  • Angular Requirements for Specified Eyewear Design
  • Hybrid Filter
    • Absorptive Dyes
    • Holograms
    • Multilayer Dielectric Stacks
  • Integrated Luminance Transmittance (Photopic, Scotopic, P-43, etc.) for Various Illuminants
  • Color Perception Analysis and Balancing
  • Model Distortion and Magnification
  • Recording and Mapping for Different Types of Holograms

Laboratory Scale Compounding and Injection Molding

Gentex uses laboratory scale compounding and injection molding to rapidly develop new material technologies prior to production, which enables us to develop custom solutions quickly and cost effectively.

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