Comprehensive portfolio with advanced system features

Our comprehensive portfolio of helmet systems supports the wide variety of mission and duty position needs of today’s elite forces, from training and search and rescue, to full combat operations. With leading edge design and field proven performance and reliability, Ops-Core has become the preferred brand of helmet systems by global Special Operations Forces.

Helmet System Platforms

Since every mission and duty position is different, we provide a broad array of ballistic, non-ballistic, super high, high, and mid cut helmet shells that seamlessly integrate with hearing protection, eyewear, communication systems, and respiratory protection products, allowing elite forces to create a fully customized headborne system specific to their needs.

Capability Upgrades

Our full suite of capability upgrades adds protection and performance-enhancing components that allow you to extend the usable life of your Ops-Core helmet system platform.

Replacement Parts

Maintain the protection and performance levels of your Ops-Core products and extend their use by replacing worn out parts with genuine Ops-Core replacement parts, available for all our fielded systems.

Advanced System Features

Our continued investment in research and development helps us create helmet platforms that carefully balance protection and comfort, providing the foundation for additional protective and performance capabilities. The resulting integrated headborne system offers greater performance than the sum of its parts.

Configurable Helmet Systems


Modularand scalable helmet systems allow for easy integration with headsets, vision protection, respirators, and more.

Quality Performance and Design

Proven Performance

Our in-house, cutting-edge design & manufacturing facilities adhere to the strictest and most extensive testing, pushing the quality of our products beyond industry standards.

Perfect balance of protection and comfort

Situational Awareness

Helmet systems that are designed to carefully balance protection and comfort, with a focus on situational awareness capabilities such as communication headsets, optical enhancing visors or spectacles, and displays.