Gentex - PureFlo ESM and ESM+ PAPR Radiant Heat Kit

PureFlo ESM and ESM+ PAPR Radiant Heat Kit

Easily and cost effectively reduce workers exposure to radiant heat, sparks, and splashes

Adding the PureFlo Radiant Heat Kit workers exposure to radiant heat, sparks, and splashes.

Easy, Seamless Integration

The PureFlo Radiant Heat Kit was designed to seamlessly integrate with all PureFlo ESM and ESM+ PAPRs, providing all in one respiratory, head, neck, and shoulder protection you can count on.

Low Profile Enhances Performance

The low profile design of the kits components enhance worker performance without compromising protection.

Modular Design Supports Any Environment

The kits modularity allows you to customize coverage levels to suit your particular environment’s needs.  Typical applications for the kit include:

  • Metalworking
  • Foundries
  • Steel and Aluminum Smelters
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Ceramic/Porcelain Manufacturing
  • Refractories

Proven Protection with Dual Mirror Aluminized Fabric

The XXX of the kit are made of Dual Mirror Aluminized Fabric. Field proven for over fifty years, Dual Mirror delivers the most durable aluminized fabric in the industry, providing uncompromising function, appearance, and superior performance in the most demanding applications.

Advanced solution at half the cost of other kits

Leveraging its Dual Mirror aluminized fabrics products, Gentex Corporation is able to efficiently and cost effectively integrate a radiant heat solution into its PureFlo industrial respiratory protection systems.  With a PureFlo radiant heat kit, you’re assured of superior performance and durability at a cost that can’t be beat.

PureFlo Radiant Heat Kit Components