Enhanced Comfort and Performance for the Pharmaceutical Workforce

PureFlo PAPRs are the new breed of industry-leading, all-in-one NIOSH-approved air-purifying protection systems, ideal for the most demanding pharmaceutical and clean room environments. Our head-mounted design maximizes mobility and simplifies use while offering best-in-class integrated respiratory, eye, and face protection against hazardous airborne particulates.

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Enhanced Comfort and Performance for the Pharmaceutical Workforce

Protection You Can Count On

High-performance environments require protection that puts worker safety first. 


Why Choose PureFlo?

Unmatched Protection

Workers in the pharma industry are commonly exposed to harmful bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. PureFlo PAPRs provide superior protection and simple configurations that meet the unique demands of laboratory and clean room settings.

Comfort + Mobility

Unlike competitor waist-mounted PAPRs, PureFlo PAPRs have no belts or hoses, which improves comfort and mobility in pharmaceutical settings, and doesn't interfere with other PPE that may be required.

No Fit Test Required

The loose-fitting design of PureFlo PAPRs eliminates the need for time-consuming fit testing while still providing pharma workers with protection against hazardous airborne particulates found in their workspaces.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

The all-in-one head-mounted design of PureFlo PAPRs means that donning and doffing is quick and easy. Just pick up the unit, put it on, and you’re fully protected in your work space.

 A Head Above the Rest

Our NIOSH-approved head-mounted PAPRs are ergonomically designed to eliminate snag hazards and provide all-in-one respiratory, face, and eye protection, with no belts or hoses. PureFlo PAPRs also require less cleaning of exposed parts, saving time and money, while offering world-class protection. Want to learn more? Visit our PureFlo FAQ.

PureFlo 3000 – Skeletal Frame with Open Visor

The skeletal frame/open visor configuration of the PureFlo 3000 provides all-in-one protection while still allowing for a clear field of vision and maximizing mobility and comfort.


PureFlo 3000 – Skeletal Frame with Respiratory Hood

Available with Tychem® face seal, respiratory drawstring hood, or disposable slipover hood for enhanced splash protection, the PureFlo 3000 with hood offers all the protection of our skeletal frame as well as added protection from chemicals, pathogens, and viruses and easy decontamination in pharmaceutical settings.


PureFlo 3000 – Hard Hat

Suitable for a number of applications, the award-winning PureFlo 3000 provides best-in-class protection and maximum mobility.


PureFlo ESM+ PF50 PAPR

The PureFlo ESM+ PF50 is a head-mounted, self-contained PAPR ideal for protection in light duty industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, laboratory and healthcare. The PureFlo ESM+ PAPR features advanced electronics that continually monitor all functions and a unique air circulation system that creates a smooth, continuous, filtered flow of air.


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