CBRN Protection

To combat the growing CBRN threat aircrew face, Gentex Corporation leverages its industry leading aircrew respiratory protection products and capabilities to deliver advanced CBRN protection products for fixed wing and rotary pilots. In addition to CBRN protection, our CBRN respirators also provide flame and thermal protection and can be configured to provide Pressure Breathing for Altitude (PBA) protection to 70,000 feet, and Pressure Breathing for Gravity (PBG) protection to +9Gz. They seamlessly integrate with other mission essential equipment such as helmet mounted displays, and optical, hearing protection, and communications devices. They are compatible with below-the-neck CBRN ensembles, providing complete head-to-toe CBRN protection. The comfortable lightweight systems are completely man-mounted and require no aircraft modifications or power. The CBRN Systems are designed and tested to meet stringent performance specifications by the U.S. Department of Defense.