Part of Gentex Corporation’s comprehensive portfolio of helmet systems for military, law enforcement, and rescue aircrew, the U.K. MOD pedigree ALPHA helmet systems are designed to be configured for fixed and rotary wing platforms.   This versatility makes them the optimal solution for users looking to reduce their logistics trail as the helmet can be configured to provide a variety of capabilities to suit the flight operation’s specific requirements. ALPHA and all of Gentex Corporation’s brands supporting aircrew and aircraft maintainers are designed leveraging the company’s 65 plus years experience in the development of flight equipment.


Rotary Wing Helmet Systems

ALPHA rotary wing helmets systems are all designed to provide unparalleled capabilities with
exceptional safety.

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Cross-Platform Helmet Systems

Adopted by the U.K. MoD, our advanced, scalable, and highly configurable ALPHA 900 line of military helmet systems is the only aircrew helmet platform that supports both fixed and rotary wing applications, reducing the logistics trail for those responsible for supporting both helmet platforms.

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Maxillofacial Shields

ALPHA Maxillofacial Shields (MFS) safeguard the lower face from rotor wash, flying debris and windblast during helicopter operations. An optional upgrade to ALPHA 900 Cross-Platform Helmet Systems and the ALPHA Eagle Helmet System, the MFS significantly enhances communications clarity by reducing wind noise across the boom microphone.

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